What Are The Different House Restumping Techniques?

What Are The Different House Restumping Techniques_

The different house restumping techniques are relevelling, partial restumping, full restumping, and partial restumping and relevelling. Each method helps make sure your house stays safe and sturdy by fixing or replacing the stumps underneath.

It’s a good idea to tap into some restumping expertise to pick the best option for your home based on what your foundation needs.

This blog will expand more on the common house restumping techniques we use today.


Relevelling is all about getting your house back on the level, quite literally! Over time, your home’s foundation can shift due to soil changes or old stumps wearing down. This causes uneven floors and misaligned doors. Relevelling adjusts the height to straighten things out, ensuring your house is stable and upright.

It’s a smart move if you see any restumping signs like cracks in the walls or doors that don’t close properly. A professional will come in, measure up, and use specialised tools to carefully lift and level your house, making sure everything’s right where it should be.

Partial Restumping

Partial restumping is when only some of the stumps under your house are replaced or fixed. This method is great if only a few stumps are worn out or damaged, so there’s no need to redo all of them.

It’s a practical, cost-effective choice because it targets just the problem areas. This approach, often called reblocking, keeps the work to a minimum and saves both time and money.

The Different House Restumping Techniques

Partial restumping can help extend your house’s life by shoring up its foundation where it’s needed most. It ensures your home stays safe and stable without a massive project on your hands.

Full Restumping

Full restumping is when every single foundation stump under your house is replaced. This method is usually needed when the old stumps are too damaged or worn out to just patch up.

This type of restumping is a big job, but it makes sure your whole house stands firm and even gives you peace of mind for years to come. Replacing all the stumps can fix problems like sloping floors and help avoid future issues with the structure.

Partial Restumping and Relevelling

Partial restumping and relevelling is a method that involves replacing only some of the stumps under your house and making sure everything is perfectly level. This approach is perfect if only part of your foundation shows signs of trouble, like a few damaged stumps, while the rest are still in good shape.

The process is also about straightening up any tilts or dips in the house so your floors are even and doors close smoothly. This combined method is cost-effective for addressing specific issues without overhauling the entire foundation.

It also makes your home safer and more comfortable without having to go through a huge project.