Restumping a house in Shepparton costs between $4,000 to $20,000. The price depends on factors such as access to your subfloor, the number of stumps to be replaced, and their condition.

In this post, we’ll discuss what affects the cost of restumping in Shepparton, so you’ll make an informed choice once you decide to go ahead with your project.

What Affects the Price of a Restumping Quote?

The following are the factors that affect the price of a restumping quote:

Access to Your Subfloor

The ease with which workers can reach your subfloor significantly impacts the cost of restumping. Restricted entry due to low clearance or obstacles increases labour hours and, consequently, the expense. Ideally, unimpeded access allows for quicker and more efficient work.

Number of Stumps to Be Replaced

Naturally, the more stumps that require replacement, the higher the quote will be. Pricing is often calculated on a per-stump basis, making the total count a critical factor. Assessing the exact number needing attention ensures a more accurate estimate.

Condition of Existing Pumps

If the current stumps are in poor shape, additional work may be necessary to prepare the site before new ones can be installed. This might involve clearing debris or rectifying issues caused by old, deteriorated supports, which could add to the overall cost.

Relevelling or Raising Need

Should you need to relevel or raise a structure, this will be reflected in the quote. Levelling requires precision and can be labour-intensive, especially if significant adjustments are needed to ensure structural integrity and safety.

Type of Restumping Material

The choice of material—whether timber, concrete, or steel—also affects pricing. Each material comes with different longevity and cost implications. Steel, for example, is typically more expensive than timber but offers greater durability and resistance to pests.

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What to Look for in a Restumping Quote

You should look for the following in a restumping quote:


Ensure the quote specifies all elements covered in the restumping process. This should include the cost of materials, labour, and any additional services like site preparation or waste removal.


Look for guarantees on both materials and workmanship. A robust warranty underlines the contractor’s commitment to quality and durability.

Fixed Price Quote

A fixed price quote guarantees the total cost provided upfront will not change, barring unforeseen circumstances or project adjustments mutually agreed upon. This arrangement shields you from escalating costs and provides a clear financial outline from the start.


The provider should offer a clear and honest communication channel. This includes straightforward explanations of the work required and any potential challenges that might arise during the project.

Fixed Schedule

The quote should include a definitive start and completion date. A fixed schedule is essential for planning while also minimising disruption to your daily life.

What is the Difference Between Restumping and Reblocking?

There’s no difference between restumping and reblocking; both terms refer to the same process of replacing old or damaged stumps under a house with new ones. This essential maintenance work ensures that the structural integrity of your home remains robust.